According to CMB International Color Image Consultant Men’s Style Theory, all men’s clothing styles are divided into five types: fashion, romantic, classical, natural, and dramatic. As long as you dress according to the characteristics of these five style theories, you will not Will wear it wrong. But in order to be brilliant and interesting, it is necessary to clarify and combine several popular elements of menswear.


The increase in menswear colors has given men more choices, but they can’t use colors indiscriminately. Everyone has their own exclusive color range. At present, the most scientific dressing theory is to combine the natural facial color of each person to summarize the thousands of colors in the world. Twelve color seasons, you will definitely belong to one of them. As long as you choose your own color range according to your color season, whether you are a man or woman, especially a man, you can try the psychological pleasure that color brings to you.


Sports, leisure, technology, and human exploration of the future have all determined that the overall silhouette of menswear has undergone tremendous changes. Looseness and baggy are the current mainstream silhouettes of men’s clothing. No matter what your dressing style you are, you can appropriately let the silhouette of your clothes develop horizontally to loose and large sizes. You can fit your body characteristics to a moderately loose fit within the scope of your dressing style, and you can also follow the way of wide top and narrow bottom, narrow top and wide bottom. Note that you can widen but not lengthen.


The current men’s clothing can basically be said to be details. This so-called detail is the highlight, for example, many cute pets or cartoon images will be upper body; obvious pocket outlines, tooling elements are popular.


Deconstruction of clothes is no longer in the ranks that the judges can’t understand. The deconstructed clothes designed by fashion designers in the past will be drowned by the public’s spit. I think fashion designers are born specifically to design clothes that the public cannot understand and cannot wear. Now it’s different. Deconstruction is a must-have element of menswear.


Because of the trend of comfortable sports and leisure and semi-formal clothing, men’s clothing fabrics tend to be more and more casual now. It is mainly composed of delicate cotton, linen texture and finely imitated knitted fabrics. In addition to woven precision knitted fabrics, tweed, laser, pleated, satin, yarn, lace, net and other feminine fabrics are also used in men’s clothing. In today’s non-sex trend of clothing, fabrics are also equal to men and women.